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Self-adhesive tape for attaching stitching card threads

What kind of tape do you use to attach the threads to the back of your stitching card? I am currently using Sellotape invisible tape. There is a similar type of tape called Scotch Magic Tape. Both of these brands of tape are intended to make invisible repairs to torn pages and similar items.

adhesive-tapeThe property that makes this kind of tape brilliant for fixing thread to stitching cards is their archival quality. As standard tape ages the adhesive may dry out and the tape flake off. Or the adhesive may ooze out and cause a stain. I have cards that I stitched ten years ago using Scotch Magic Tape and it still looks fine.

When I stitch a card I cut about ten pieces of tape in advance and put them on the edge of my foam pricking mat. They are then ready for use when needed. The pricking mat is also useful as a temporary pin cushion for the needle while cutting the thread.

Do you have any tape related tips?

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