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Beading needle tips for prick and stitch card making

Small seed beads and bugle beads require the use of a much thinner needle than I use for the non-beaded stitching. I use a size 10 English beading needle. These needles can be tricky to thread due to the small eye. I find it best to use a single strand thread rather than multi-stranded which could split as it is pushed through the eye of the needle.

threading the needleI find the easiest way of threading the needle is to hold the thread still and move the needle on to the thread. It is much easier than using the traditional method of pushing the thread through the needle. The shorter the length of thread you offer the less it is likely to bend. Get it so that almost none of the thread will be showing between your fingers. Then with your other hand, move the eye of the needle on to the thread.

When I am using a beading needle I try to prick the pattern holes smaller than those I make for normal embroidery needles. Otherwise the thin needle tends to fall through the hole and may come off the thread.

Embroidery needles may roll away and be hard to find if they are put down loose. I use a small square of paper to push the needles in and out when they are not in use. Then it is easy to find them again later.

If you have any tips about using sewing needles please let us know by using the comments facility below.

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