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This blog has information about greeting card making with stitching. You can find posts on technique, card making projects, free patterns and the latest news from the Stitching Cards and Form-A-Lines online stores.

If you would like to submit a tip, technique, project, etc to this blog then please email me at [email protected]

My name is David Jefferson and I live near the historic English market town of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. I am a designer of stitching card patterns. I created the patterns available from the Stitching Cards, and Form-A-Lines websites.

Prick And Stitch Is My Craft

The Stitch A Card blog was formerly named Prick And Stitch Is My Craft. In December 2023, following the advice of a website optimisation specialist, I changed it to a shorter name that should be easier to remember and quicker to type. Since the blog is mainly about patterns from Stitching Cards and Form-A-Lines the name now has Stitch and Card from the former and A from the latter.

We still have a Prick And Stitch Is My Craft page at Facebook: Facebook Page