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The crossing fill stitch

This post looks at a method of stitching that is often used to fill areas and shapes with colour. I call it the crossing fill stitch as that is what it does. I try to work this method of stitching into my pattern designs as it gives an attractive finish and is popular with stitching card makers.

The instructions for this stitch often read as follows:

Out at A in at B.
Out at C in at D.
Out at E in at F.
Continue this sequence until the shape is complete.

Once you get started it is usually a matter of going across the shape and into the next hole along. Then you come out of the one next to it and back across the shape. When you run out of holes the shape should be complete. The following animated diagram (from the Stitching Cards website and used with kind permission) shows how the sequence works.

Animated stitching diagram.
Animated stitching diagram.

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