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How to stitch a complex pattern

Some prick and stitch patterns are easy to follow whilst others are very complex. The easy ones tend to have shapes based on circles and curves. When the design involves realistic shapes such as human figures, the shapes become more random. The result is that the dots are harder to follow.

bagpiperIf you find the pattern difficult to follow it may help if you lightly pencil in some of the key lines once you have pricked out the design. The thread will cover these guide lines or they can be erased if required. Use the finished diagram as a guide to adding the pencil lines. It is not necessary to add all of the lines, just pick some of the main structure lines.

Alternatively you can use the finished diagram as the pricking pattern. Keep it in place whilst you pencil over some of the key lines. This will give faint indentations on your card without actually marking it. This will give you a guide to your stitching.

Do you have any tips for stitching complex patterns?

The illustation is Bagpiper from the Stitching Cards web site.

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