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String art candle pattern reviewed

String art picture making has much in common with prick and stitch card making. It uses nails hammered into a backing board and coloured wool or string to create the design. If you would like to try your hand at string art there is a free candle pattern available from the String Art Fun web site.

candleThe pattern instructions can be printed out on an A4 sheet (210mm x 297mm or 8 x 12 inches). The suggested method is to put the printed pattern over a backing board of plywood or similar and drill small holes to locate the nails. The paper pattern is then removed and nails hammered in.

The instructions that come with the pattern tell you the stringing sequence. If you have made cards using the prick and stitch technique you will quickly understand how to go about it.

The resulting picture would make an attractive centrepiece for Christmas, a religious occasion or just to hang on your wall.