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Three stitching cards from the Form-A-Lines gallery

Here are three beautiful stitching cards that were posted in the >Form-A-Lines gallery this week. The card makers have all adapted the patterns in a creative way.

Another Easel by Katharine was made with PinBroidery initial patterns.

Katharine said, “This was a wedding commission. I had to play around with David’s initials to get the greenery uniting both initials – much cutting and trying of sections of the patterns resulted in this. This card will be going to Poland, for my friend’s son’s wedding next month.”

Monotone Christmas by TeaDrinker was made with the Stitching Cards Christmas baubles pattern.

TeaDrinker said, “I used David’s Christmas Bauble pattern, and made it my own. I changed the last 2 baubles so they were all different patterns. Stitched with black thread on a white background and then mounted it on black. Added the star and round peel-offs.”

Thinking of you by Must love cats was made with the Stitching Cards free flower bookmark pattern.

Must love cats said, “My sister, who literally lives half a world away, is very ill at the moment. I made this card for her, just to let her know that she is in my thoughts and prayers. I used the free flower bookmark pattern and just repeated the design. I omitted the leaf and the bud.”