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Mini flower stitching patterns released at Pinbroidery

Following customer feedback a set of six mini flower prick and stitch patterns have been released at the Pinbroidery web site. The size of these patterns is 88 mm x 114 mm (3.5 x 4.5 inches). These mini patterns use sections of the larger square William Morris inspired patterns also available at Pinbroidery. They make beautiful cards for birthdays, congratulations and other special occasions.

mini flowers

If you want to try this size of pattern before you buy there are two free mini stitching patterns in the free section of the Pinbroidery web site. These are a reworking of the free flower corners and star border patterns.

I chose the 88 mm x 114 mm size because blank double-fold cards of this size are readily available in the UK from suppliers such as Craft Creations.

A lot of customers have asked me to design smaller versions of the square Pinbroidery patterns. When a customer asked for much smaller cards I realised that this could be achieved by taking elements of the larger design without reducing them. An experiment on the two free Pinbroidery patterns showed that this was possible so I moved on to the William Morris inspired flower designs.

I am now working on some mini versions of the Pinbroidery Christmas patterns.

Please let me know what you think about this smaller size of pattern.

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