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Laurens sewing – forum gallery stitching cards of the week

This week we feature two cards by 8 year old Lauren posted in the Form-A-Lines forum gallery by Nanna as Laurens sewing.

bookmark and teddy

They were made using Stitching Cards Bookmark Flower 1 pattern and Stitching Cards Teddy pattern.

Nanna said “My 8year old granddaughter wanted to do some sewing at the weekend so she pricked all the holes and did almost all of the sewing by herself (I started her off and undid a couple of mistakes)”.

This picture was posted in the Form-A-Lines forum gallery.

Would you like to enter your card as contender for Forum gallery stitching card of the week? Forum membership is required to post pictures. Go to the forum and click the Join link to join it. Editor’s note: Both forums have closed since this page was published. The Facebook groups for Stitching Cards and Form-A-Lines have taken over that role.

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