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How to add a stitching font to your computer

There are several stitching fonts available from the Stitching Cards web site. When one of these is installed on your computer you can use any of your word processing programs to type words of your choice ready to stitch.

font 340These fonts have dots instead of lines and you stitch between the dots in the usual way.

There are two ways of adding the font to your computer, either via your control panel or by the drag and drop method. The following information is for computers running Microsoft Windows. Apple Mac computers use similar methods but the commands may have different names.

The first step is to download the font to your computer. The font is supplied in a zip file. Save the zip file to a place on your computer where you can find it. Then go to the zip folder and extract the files from it. If you have a recent version of windows on your computer then right click on the zip folder and choose “Extract files” from the dropdown list. The font file ends in .ttf which stands for TrueType font.

The next step is to put the font into your font folder. Open “My Computer” and navigate to the “Windows” folder. Within the Windows folder is a folder called “Fonts”. If you are familiar with the drop and drag method then the quickest way to install the font is to drag the file ending in .ttf and drop it into the windows folder. It will then be installed for use automatically.

If you are not familiar with drop and drag you can install the font through your control panel. As the technique may vary with different versions of Windows you can get instructions on how to do this by clicking on the “Help” link near the top of “My Computer” and putting “add a new font” into the search box. This will give you the instructions for your version.

There is a step-by-step illustrated guide on the Stitching cards web site on how to add a font. This uses Windows XP as the example.

Once your font is installed you can open any word processing program and type up your greeting.

The illustration shows Stitching Cards font 340.

If you have any font related comments or questions please use the comment facility.