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Herbs and Christmas 18 added to the Form-A-Lines printed booklet range

Two new pattern sets have been added to the Form-A-Lines printed booklet range. They are a flower set featuring three herb patterns: sage, thyme and rosemary. Also a Christmas set featuring a snow covered house, candles and a reindeer. They are available as part of a kit or as separate booklets.

Form-A-Lines herbsThe suggested colours on the herbs design are green thread and light blue seed beads.

Form-A-Lines Christmas 18The suggested colours for the Christmas set are confetti thread, red and black seed beads.

When the pattern booklet is purchased as part of a kit you also get blank cards and envelopes, thread, beads,  a pricking pin and sewing needle.

Alternatively you can purchase just the pattern booklet with its step-by-step instructions and pricking patterns.

The pattern booklets are available by mail order in the UK as part of a kit from the Card Inspirations UK shop.

The pattern booklets are also available on their own for world wide delivery (including the UK) from the Card Inspirations International shop.