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Form-A-Lines Nautical and Oriental Flowers patterns reviewed

Two new pattern booklets have been added to the Form-A-Lines stitching cards range. They are: Oriental flowers featuring birds on a vine, a flowering vine and a bird in a thorn bush; Nautical featuring a lighthouse, a porthole and a captain’s hat above a wheel.


Form-A-Lines Oriental Flowers patterns
Form-A-Lines Oriental Flowers patterns

These kits are designed to look good in one colour of thread. The thread colour recommended for the Oriental flowers is confetti pink and the Nautical patterns look good in antique gold.

Form-A-Lines Nautical patterns
Form-A-Lines Nautical patterns

They are by the same designer as the Stitching Cards patterns, the difference being that they are available as printed booklets and not as downloads.

The pattern booklets are available by mail order in the UK as part of a kit from the Card Inspirations UK shop.

The pattern booklets are also available on their own for world wide delivery (including the UK) from the Card Inspirations International shop.

The nautical patterns make excellent cards for men, particularly if they like messing about in boats. The oriental flowers are great for lots of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations.

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