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Form-A-Lines stitching card kits and pattern booklets reviewed

Form-A-Lines flower ovals patternsForm-A-Lines stitching card kits are an excellent starting point for beginners in the craft of paper embroidery. They are also appreciated by those who do not have Internet access or the means to print downloadable patterns. However, for the benefit of our worldwide readership, I must state that the kits are only currently available in the British Isles and Australia.

If you are not in Britain or Australia, or if you do not want the kit, you can purchase the pattern booklets on their own and buy the materials locally.

The above  illustration is from the Form-A-Lines Flower Ovals pattern set stitched in confetti thread on white card.

Each kit contains the basic materials and instructions to enable you to make six beautiful cards. You get six double-fold cards and envelopes, a reel of thread, a pricking pin and embroidery needle plus the Form-A-Lines instruction booklet with three different patterns. If the design requires beads your also get the beads and a beading needle. The only extras you will need are adhesive tape to secure the ends of the thread, adhesive to secure the card panel in place, scissors to cut the tape and thread, and a soft surface to prick the cards on. Your pricking surface could be a folded tea towel or similar.

If you live in the British Isles you can purchase Form-A-Lines stitching kits by mail order from the Card Inspirations web site.

If you live in Australia you can get information about the Form-A-Lines agent by sending an email to [email protected]

The pattern booklets can be purchased by mail order from the Card Inspirations International web site. They will ship the booklets anywhere in the world that has a postal service, including the British Isles.

A tip for British customers; if you order from Card Inspirations by telephone you can purchase both booklets and other craft materials from their UK shop. See their web site for contact details.

Form-A-Lines booklets are also available from a handful of UK craft shops. If there is one near you then you probably know about it already.

Classic Form-A-Lines patterns for download

When the Form-A-Lines patterns go out of print they become available for purchase as downloads in the Form-A-Lines store.

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