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Christmas patterns added at Pinbroidery 2011

Six Christmas patterns have been added to the Pinbroidery stitching card collection.

The greetings are intended for relatives:

‘Baby’s first Christmas’ alternative greeting for Birthday.

‘For a wonderful Daughter at Christmas’ alternative greetings for Sister and Niece.

‘Happy Christmas Mum and Dad’ alternative greeting for Mom and Dad.

‘Merry Christmas Nanny’ alternative greeting for Grandma.

‘For a wonderful Son at Christmas’ alternative greetings for Dad and Husband.

‘For my Wife at Christmas’ alternative greetings for Mum and Mom.

The patterns are available individually and in a value pack of all six designs.

They are available as square or rectangular designs.

The square pattern size is 144 x 144 mm (5.65 x 5.65 inches).

Value pack: www.pinbroidery.net/product.php/114/

Individual patterns: www.pinbroidery.net/section.php/8/

The rectangle pattern size is 152 x 104 mm (6 x 4½ inches).

Value pack: www.pinbroidery.net/product.php/121/

Individual patterns: www.pinbroidery.net/section.php/17/