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Cleopatra – forum gallery stitching card of the week

CleopatraThis week’s card is “Cleopatra” made by Pipa.

It was made using a pattern from the Ancient Egypt patterns booklet. Pip’s comment on the card was “I chose to do it on gold card with blue mirror card under template and then matted onto gold linen cardstock. The detail on the neck/chest has been painted with acrylics. I have always used stardust pens or chalks when colouring in stitch patterns. It was Jasu who inspired me to do it with paint. It is more vibrant in reality but was difficult to take the picture due to the very shiny card.” The resulting card is gorgeous.

It was posted in the </>Form-A-Lines forum gallery.

Would you like to enter your card as contender for Forum gallery stitching card of the week? Forum membership is required to post pictures. Go to the forum and click the Join link to join it. Editor’s note: Both forums have closed since this page was published. The Facebook groups for Stitching Cards and Form-A-Lines have taken over that role.

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