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Bead storage for prick and stitch card making

When I purchase my beads they usually come in small plastic bags. As my bead collection grew I saw the need for an improved way of storing them. Fortunately most of the shops that specialise in beads sell bead storage boxes.

Bead storage box

These boxes come in a variety of sizes. The one I chose is 21 x 11 centimetres (8 ¼ x 4 ¼ inches). It has 18 square compartments that are ideal for the seed beads and bugle beads used in stitching cards. It is clear plastic so that it is easy to see the beads without opening it. The hinged lid closes tightly over the sections so there is no danger of the beads spilling from one section to another when the lid is closed. This is a great feature if the sections are really full and the box is being moved.

Do you have any bead storage tips?