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About bugle beads used for prick and stitch card making

Following on from my post about seed beads, here is some information about bugle beads. Bugle beads come in a variety of lengths but will always be longer than they are thick. This creates a bead with a tubular shape.

bugle beadsThe Stitching Cards patterns are based on bugle beads 7mm long or 1/4 inch or Czech size number 3. As with seed beads, different countries use different numbering systems. For example beads from Japanese manufactures with a size of number 2 will be 6mm and size number 3 are 9mm.

It is best to order a small pack of beads to start with to make sure they will do the job. If the beds are too short it is possible to add a small round bead to make up the size.

I get my beads from Creative BeadCraft. The link to the size 3 glass bugle beads is:

BB3 Size 3 Bugle Beads