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1001 customers recommend Stitching Cards

In an independent survey carried out by SafeBuy, 1001 Stitching Cards customers answered yes to the question “Would you recommend us to other people?” Only two said no.

Snapshot of survey data on 17 Aug 2010.

Stitching Cards would like to thank all their customers who took part in the survey. The SafeBuy survey is offered to customers after their order has been delivered so that they can comment on the full buying experience. The survey is part of the SafeBuy Star Rating system.

What is SafeBuy?
The SafeBuy Organisation has completed Stage One of the UK Office of Fair Trading two-stage process towards approval. As part of this process the OFT has agreed the text of the SafeBuy Code of Practice. SafeBuy vets all sites during accreditation and continuously carries out ‘mystery shopper’ exercises and standards checking to ensure that retailers are adhering to the Code.