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Number prick and stitch patterns added at Pinbroidery

Ten new number patterns have been added to the Pinbroidery pattern collection. They feature the numbers 0 to 9 entwined with decorative flowers and leaves. The numbers can be combined to make any number. They make beautiful cards for birthdays or anniversaries. The numbers can be purchased individually or in a set of ten.


The flowers entwining the numbers were inspired by some of the flowers that I used on the William Morris Pinbroidery patterns.

I made a number card for my wife who recently celebrated a birthday with a zero on the end. She had organised some celebrations to mark this event so her age was no secret. I was amazed when someone who saw it said they did not approve of number cards. Maybe they do not like the thought of revealing their age in this way. What do you think? Let us know in a comment to this article.

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