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Variation on the free Valentine Hearts pattern

Prick and Stitch blog reader Cheryl Rose has sent us a picture of her variation on the free Valentine hearts pattern published here earlier in the week. Cheryl has replaced the words with a beautiful rose decoupage. The corner hearts are stitched in pink thread. The stitched rectangle of white card is cut out with … Keep reading

Free Valentine Hearts easy embroidery on paper pattern

This beautiful Valentine Hearts pattern is easy for beginners to stitch and if you are experienced at embroidery on paper you will find it quick to complete. The downloadable pattern includes step-by-step instructions. As well as Valentine’s cards it could be used as an anniversary card. Just leave off the Valentine’s greeting and substitute another … Keep reading

Free candle prick and stitch pattern to download

I originally designed the candle pattern for my String Art Is My Craft website and it has been popular with string art enthusiasts. A number of card crafters have said that they would like to try it as a greetings card pattern so I have now converted it for prick and stitch. The illustration shows … Keep reading

Christmas bauble free and easy prick and stitch card pattern

This Christmas bauble pattern is easy to stitch as most of the work comprises of stem stitch. The downloadable pattern includes instructions for stem stitch. The photograph shows the bauble outline stitched in metallic red thread. The swirls are blue and the lines are green. The bauble top and string are stitched in gold thread. … Keep reading

Free stitching card corner scroll pattern

This corner scroll pattern is easy to stitch directly on to a greetings card. The simple design is worked in stem stitch. The photograph below shows the scrolls on a hammered cream card stitched in green thread. I have added a photograph of an iris that I took in my garden. You could add a picture … Keep reading