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New galleries have replaced the forum galleries

Both the Stitching Cards and Form-A-Line forums and their associated galleries have closed since the “Forum Gallery Stitching Card of the Week” posts were published. The Stitching Cards Facebook Group and the Form-A-Lines Facebook Group have taken over the forum role.

There are also more recent versions of the Stitching Cards Gallery and the Form-A-Lines Card Gallery where customer’s stitched card pictures are displayed.

Stitching Cards customer card gallery

Find inspiration in the gallery of cards made by Stitching Cards customers. Some designs are mounted on pattern backgrounds, and decorations such as ribbons add a personal touch.

Go to the Stitching Cards forum gallery

Form-A-Lines Customer Card Gallery

Form-A-Lines customers have used their patterns to create some beautiful cards. See how they have used pattern backgrounds, decorative accessories, and added greetings.

Go to the Form-A-Lines Customer Card gallery.